Vinyl Windows Advantages

When it comes to the window frames, vinyl is the most popular frame you can find in almost every house in your neighborhood, this article will discuss the advantages and the disadvantages and frequent questions of vinyl framed windows, are vinyl windows better than aluminum? are wood or vinyl windows better? are fiberglass windows better than vinyl?

  1. which is better aluminum or vinyl windows?
  2. to determine which is better, the criteria put for the window frames are:

    1-AppearanceGives modern look but it can rust in time, especially during rainy seasonsIts close appearance to wood makes vinyl the best lower price alternative for wood
    2-Colors and paintingIt has a variety of colors but if it was to be painted it can scratch off and chipIt does not have variety of colors but the good quality it does not need to be painted, but if painted it will chip
    3-DurabilityDurable in stormy locationsNot storm-resistant unless upgraded with impact-resistant glass
    4-ClimatesMuch better in moderate climates but not good for extreme cold nor heat unless it was upgraded with thermal breaksGreat with any kind of climate
    5-Energy-EfficiencyNot energy efficient Energy efficient
    6-CostVery Expensive it can reach to $10,700 to $12,800 (for 10 48-inch window installed)Much cheaper it can reach to $7,700 - $9,800 (for 10 48-inch windows installed)
    7-LongevityIt can last for 30 yearsBetween 20 to 40 years
    8-StrengthStrong materialNot as strong unless reinforced
    9-MaintenanceHigh maintenanceLow maintenance
    10-NoiseQuieterCannot block noises as much
    11- Eco-friendlinessEasier to recycleNot biodegradable

    To answer the question which is a better window vinyl or aluminum? It depends on your investment on your home, Aluminum seems more durable and last longer with strong material but it cannot stand against how Vinyl can withstand the climates during the hot and cold seasons with energy efficiency as well.

  3. are wood windows better than vinyl?
  4. vinyl usually considered as the best alternative to wood pricing-wise since the similarity in appearance with wood is the closest among the other materials but to have a good comparison, we will put them into 5 factors, Cost, Durability, Energy-Efficiency, Maintenance and resale value.

    • Cost
    • When it comes to the price, vinyl is relatively more affordable than wood frames, vinyl costs around $7,700 - $9,800 (10 48-inch sash windows installed) while wood frames pricing stands out with $10,500 - $12,000 (10 48-inch sash windows installed)

    • Durability
    • Vinyl windows are the best when it comes for resisting dirt, mold, scratches and dents. Rest assured that the exterior frame won’t rot or warp over time, even when exposed to the elements and harsh ultraviolet sunlight as for wood windows they can last for decades. But since they are high maintenance, they require painting and scraping regularly to keep them in good condition and to prevent warping or rotting.

    • Energy-Efficiency
    • Both wood and vinyl are very energy efficient. Wood is slightly more energy efficient if it is properly maintained. However, wood that has not been well maintained will leak and develop drafts just like any other type of window

    • Maintenance
    • since mentioned before that wood frames are high maintenance type of frames, they need extra care, cleaning. painting and sealing wood is necessary on a regular basis. Wood windows that are not well maintained will begin to rot over time. as for vinyl windows, they are considered a low-maintenance material. The smooth vinyl windows can be quickly wiped clean with a cloth and do not rot, peel, or crack.

    • Resale value
    • vinyl replacement windows resale value is more than the resale value of wood replacement windows. Vinyl’s return on investment is 74.3% while wood’s ROI is 69.5% basically both can increase the value of your home but vinyl windows will increase it slightly more.

  5. Are fiberglass windows better than vinyl?
  6. to have a good comparison between these two types, we will put them into a table of vinyl vs fiberglass windows

    Costless expensive, costing between $520 and $730 for a 48-inch window. Installation for each window is around $250, for a total of $770 to $980 for each window.48-inch window will cost between $572 and $1,693. They also cost more to install, at around $300 each for a total of $872 to $1,993 for each window.
    Durabilitycan handle most climates throughout the U.S., a good vinyl window can last 30 years but it depends on the extreme season climatesretains form in all types of weather and generally can last for 50 years
    MaintenanceDoes not need painting and can be easily repaired if damaged. But in time it might leak air and rainmay fade and peel and needs to be repainted, harder to repair but it sits tight on the windows and does not leak air nor rain
  7. But is fibrex better than vinyl?
  8. Fiberex material is an Andersen frame brand that is created from 60% of it from thermoplastic polymer and the other 40% of wood and it comes from the manufactured proccing of Andersen so no material is ever wasted.

    to compare it with vinyl there are 3 factors.

    • Cost
    • vinyl is cheaper when it comes to fibrex, It costs around 450$ to 600$ without installation, it lets you remodel your home on a budget.

      for Andersen’s fibrex it costs $1,000 to $1,650 each. It’s unclear if installation is factored into these costs.

    • Longevity and Maintenance
    • Vinyl usually lasts about 20 years and more to 30 if well maintained and also low maintenance compared to fibrex Andersen are confident about fibrex to the point they put the warranty to 20 years for it, when it comes to maintenance, fibrex is built to last, It can handle high temperatures, maintain weathertight seals, and it won’t ever rot or infected as fast as vinyl

    • Appearance
    • when it comes to strength and quality fibrex has the advantage over vinyl but when it comes to the color variety, vinyl stands out since it has more color options for outer frames than fibrex.

But what colors do vinyl windows come in?

vinyl has the basic colors of black and white and multiple shades of gray, many shades of brown, red and green.